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Due to achieving high precision dimensions, Luen Hing employ various kind of machinery equipment that fabricate components to tight tolerance. Casts a full range of shapes and configurations, from simple to complex shapes. Our investment casting process produces components to tight tolerances ( + or - .2mm ) in a wide variety of sizes. Precision dimensions and tolerances is made by various kind of manufacturing methods, such as Drilling, Tapping, General Lathe, CNC Lathe, Milling, Grinding, Wire Cutting and Welding, etc.

Our board alloy selection helps you to select the alloy that is best suited for your application and will enhance your part performance.

     > Machining Facilities
1. Drilling Machine,
2. Tapping Machine,
3. General Lathe,
4. CNC Lathe,
5. Milling Machine,
6. Grinding Machine,
7. Wire Cut Machine,
8. Electro-Discharge Machine,
9. Welding Machine,
10. Furnace (Quenching Oil).

     > Finishing Facilities
1. Sand Blasting Machine,
2. Rolling Polishing Machine,
3. Horizontal Finishing Machine,
4. Horizontal Surface Finishing Machine,
5. Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine,
6. Electric Roaster,
7. Cleaning Workshop.

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