> Investment Casting

Your investment casting solution for cost reductions and enhanced part performance

Investment castings reduce the High Cost of your machined parts, weldments, fabrications and assembled mechanical components by as much as 30% to 50 %... Invesment Castings provide you with the ideal solution to your low/medium quantity mechanical component requirements.

     > Investment Casting Benefits
Enjoy the benefits of investment casting such as greater design freedom, greater investment casting alloy selection, improved surface finished and a greater opportunity for cost and weight reduction.

Invesment casting, also known as lost wax investment casting, will enhance the design and the performance of your mechanical component parts. Our invesment castings are produced to precision tolerances of +/- .005 inch per inch and to machined like surface of 125 RMS.

Our products ranges are involved in Construction, Building, Machinery, Electronic, Outdoor, Medical, Houseware, and Jewelry.

     > Investment Casting Advantages
 > Design Advantages  > Cost Advantages

1. Investment casting provides greater design flexibility,
2. Investment casting provides greater detail,
3. Near net shape,
4. Greater alloy selection to enhance part performance,
5. Surface finishes 120 to 150 RMS,
6. Close tolerances +/-0.005 per inch,
7. Investment casting results in weight reduction.

1. Investment Casting provides near net shape lowers material usage,
2. Reduce material cost,
3. Invesment casting reduces expensives machining operations,
4. Eliminate expensive fabrications and weldments,
5. Low initial tooling costs,
6. Economic order quanitities ranging from prototype quantities to long production runs.

     > Investment Casting Alloy Selection
> Low Alloy Steel > Martensitic Stainless Steel > Austentic Stainless Steel > Ferretic Stainless Steel > Carbon Steel



304, 304L
316, 316L



     > Investment Casting Processes
1. Wax Mould Fabrication 2. Wax Injection 3. Wax Assembling 4. Dipping
5. De-waxing 6. Firing 7. Pouring 8. Shell Removing
9. Cutting 10. Forming 11. Finishing/ Machining 12. Inspection
13. Delivery      

     > Investment Casting Facilities
1. Wax Injection Machine,
2. Incubator,
3. Steaming Boiler,
4. Melting Furnance,
5. Tumbling Machine,
6. Horizontal Steel Blasting Machine,
7. Vertical Steel Blasting Machine,
8. Cutting Machine,
9. Acid Finishing Workshop.

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